February 13, 2017


ACC Brokers provides a broad range of insurance, enterprise risk management, and corporate consulting services through it’s depth of experts available locally to serve the specialized needs of ACC clients

Insurance Services

Insurance services provided by ACC Brokers are focused on helping clients cost-effectively mitigate risk through insurance mechanisms tailored to each client’s needs, from assessment of risk to recovery of claims.

  • Risk Assessment to determine the threats, exposures, vulnerabilities and cost-effective mitigation measures required to satisfy business and financial requirements.
  • Development of Insurance and Reinsurance Programs designed to mitigate risk through insurance coverage where appropriate, including difficult and complex risk situations.
  • Audits and Due Diligence of existing insurance programs and third party performance to ensure that coverage requirements are cost-effectively being addressed through various insurance policies and contracts in effect.
  • Alternative Funding Structures , including large deductible programs, risk purchasing groups, captives, self-insurance and association programs .
  • Insurance Document and Presentation Development, including contracts, policy and program language, account profiles and histories, and proposals.
  • Claims Assessment and Monitoring, including determination of losses and aggregations, recovery effort, and subrogation . 

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Services provided by ACC Brokers expand on risk assessment services, conducted as part of our Insurance Services, to address the integration, management and optimization of positive (opportunity) risk, as well as loss prevention and risk reduction across the enterprise. ERM Analysis determines any gaps in how risk is assessed, integrated and managed for decision-making within the enterprise, and enables development of customized programs to address specific exposures related to Financial Risk, Strategic Risk, Operational Risk, Reputational Risk and External Hazard Risk.

Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting Services provided by ACC Brokers complements our ERM Services by enabling us to bring our industry knowledge and experience in risk management to bear in helping clients improve performance and return on assets, especially where gap analysis and mitigation measures uncover hidden opportunity. Working collaboratively with Financial and Risk management executives, we help leverage opportunities for improvement by designing and developing solutions that demonstrate measurable results. Examples of opportunity situations include issues with Post Merger Integration, Organizational Alignment, Client Projects, Internal Projects, Technology Adoption, Asset Security and Protection, and Contract Negotiation.