February 14, 2017


We support three philanthropic initiatives:

Museo de Arte Acarigua Araure in Venezuela  www.museoaaa.org

The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts ( VAEA) www.vaearts.org ( escoger una imagen del website y colocar link )

Proyecto 14 ( www.proyecto14.com.ve)


The ACC Group is committed to promoting education, assisting children in need, developing public awareness of art and diverse cultures, and fostering better understanding and relations between the people of Venezuela and the United States. In support of these goals, we have founded and support the Museo de Arte Acarigua-Araure and the Venezuelan-American Endowment For The Arts (VAEA).

If you share our vision–that art helps accomplish these goals–we welcome your support and encouragement as we continue our public services efforts. For further information on how you can help, please contact us at alicorderocasal@vaearts.org, or visit the VAEA website at www.VAEA.org.



ACC has been an active supporter of the arts, since its foundation it has acquired a diverse art collection, supporting the work of both masters and emerging artists from all over the world.
ACC sponsors the arts by funding exhibitions , Museums and art organizations.

We support the creation & activities of the “Museo de Artes Acarigua-Araure in Venezuela

Our Collection 
We proudly want to share some of our most valuable pieces in our Art Collection.