February 18, 2017


ACC Group Art Advisory & Finance has a team of art professionals both in-house and advisors who can assist our clients in building and maintaining their art collections and gaining liquidity from these valuable assets.

ACC is able to provide to new and established collectors, advice on building art collections and art collection management, estate and philanthropic planning and offer loans using qualified (*) artwork as collateral. Our art advisors and partners include ACC Group *** and major auction houses and specialize in the collecting fields of Latin American Art, American, European, Modern and Contemporary art and Jewelry, we personalize acquisition strategies to create collections that reflect your interest.

Our services include:

  • Art advisory
  • Art financing
  • Structures for your fine arts assets and foundations
  • Business Loans

We know where to source art, how to value it and how to sell it. Our team’s knowledge of the art world, legal and finances. Contact alicorderocasal@accbrokers.com  to organize appointments.

We include the  concept of art as collateral using art as a working asset to provide non-transitional sources of liquidity, we arrange financing to collectors with internationally marketable art  by renowned artists ( ** ).

Fine Arts Space L’Espace Blanc

This is a space for exhibition of –mainly- emergent artists to support their careers

Prices on request AndresMena@ACCBrokers.co.uk

Exhibition #1

@ACC Fine Arts www.accbrokers.co.uk

(*)  All credit products are subject to credit approval and various terms and conditions. Nothing contained herein should be construed as an offer or commitment to lend by ACC group or any related companies.

(**)  Works of art with recognizable art valuation and registered sales records. ACC  is a  fine art consulting service that provides collection administration, estate consultation, philanthropic planning and art financing.  Works that will serve as collateral by renowned artists that are sold in the international markets including but not limited to  the recognized auction houses. Alternative assets such as art are speculative, may not be suitable for all clients, and are intended for those who are willing to bear high economic risks. ACC Fine Arts  does not advise clients on how to profit from the purchase of art or guarantee that a particular piece can be sold or otherwise used for a financial transaction for any amount including an amount equal to the purchase price. Art loans are extended to qualified borrowers.   All loans and lines are made by ACC and/or  associated financial institutions  and/ or an affiliates and are subject to  qualifications, underwriting guidelines and credit approval.

*** A group of companies in the areas of insurance, real estate and fine arts leaded by Ali Cordero Casal

Headed by our partner Ali Cordero Casal alicorderocasal@accbrokers.co.uk

Richard Hall rhall@accbrokers.co.uk Specialized Practice Avesa.