February 11, 2017


A message from our Chairman:

Our philosophy of service ACC searches the ways of enhancing the peace of mind of entrepreneurs, companies and families. In the spirit of our changing times, we also recognize that true prosperity results from harmony between personal and collective interests, both striving to achieve the concept of well-being. Our ideal of service motivates us to combine our personal approach with today’s highest professional and technological tools in order to serve our clients’ individual interests. The heart of our business spirit has always been the desire to insure our client’s interests whatever and wherever these might be. Consequently, ACC has established a solid presence with operations in Venezuela, USA, England and Saudi Arabia in order to take care of our client’s international interest. The world of insurance, our business, should not be insensitive to the fascinating changes occurring in the world today. We are conscious of the mission which private enterprise must accomplish and the social responsibilities it must fulfill to support making of this a better world. Armed with our philosophy of service and striving to assure well-being, ACC welcomes the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Ali Cordero Casal | Chairman


Governance Policies:

The ACC Group operates in a spirit of transparency that fosters trust among our team and colleagues. We have developed a number of polices that support our approach to business. If you would like to review any of these, please complete the form below and we will provide a copy for you.

  • Income Disclosure Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Corporate Ethics Policy
  • Community Service Policy
  • Client FAX Consent Form

Form should contain: Name, Title, Company, Type of Business, Telephone, Fax, and E-mail, with the statement “All Fields Must Be Completed.” Form should not forward unless all fields are completed

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